Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Questions to answer

Share something (or multiple things) with the class that moves or inspires you. These can be things to which you have positive or negative reaction, but they need to be things that you react to strongly. Be ready to discuss how they move you.

Wow... things that move me. I'm often moved by a good story. any story that makes me react emotionally and that has believable characters moves me. I particularly like Terminator 2. I'm also moved by new and innovative ideas. i like to hear new concepts. anything that can cause me to look at something in a whole new way usually moves me... which is why i'm in this class. i'm tired of seeing things the same way. i'm moved by certain political and social issues such as gay marraige and abortion. funny thing though, i can argue just as strongly for one side as i can the other on both of these issues. I'm moved by a good argument too. I'm moved by raceism. it's been over 200 years, and we as people still can't seem to get our act together in this country. we should get lessons from canada. among other thigns though, i'm moved by white condements. I hate mayonaise, and won't even pick up the jar. I hate everything that has mayonaise in it. I also hate cream cheese, and cottage cheese. I won't touch them, and i can't stand to smell them. I also hate watching paula dean on the food network because she uses these things almost exclusively in everything she cooks. what a waste of a perfectly good taco dip, or banana cream pie. Just ruin it for everyone there paula! I also hate onions. i hate the smell, the texture, the taste, the way the look. onions are villains and this is proven in the cartoon series of veggietales. i hate people who use the wrong form of "to be". damnit! you're grown men and women, why do you sound like ignorant bastards? it isn't hard to speak properly.

What do you consider to be sacred?
sacred... i think that personal morals and values are sacred. as well as religious beliefs. somone once told me that my beliefs were unachievable, and worthless... that person is now cut into a million pieces and burried under my front porch... or at least he should be. beliefs are owned by an individual, and shoudln't be underestimated. beliefs make an individual who they are, and changing beliefs should be determined by the individual because it will ultimately change them. all other things are expendable. unless you believe otherwise.

What is an image?
i've thought about this question, and all i can think of is the terribly cliche response that an image is a picture. Wheather you see it for real, in your mind, or you make it up because of some other stimuli, an image is something you see.

What is music?
Music, i think, is an expression of belief. lets face it, there isn't a whole lot to music withoug some idea, or consept behind it. that's why i don't like a lot of pop music. they just sing it for the money, and someone else usually writes it all. there doesn't have to be words, and it doesn't have to be played by instruments. sometimes i think that poetry is music. music is something that moves you, and can sway you to feel things that you may not have felt. also, it has been proven to be a mood amplifyer.

What is New Media?
Wow... New Media, i like to think is liberal arts for computer nerds. for so long there has been a large gap between left brained and right brained people. it is up to those of us who think with both sides of the brain to finally bring these two skills together and form brand new ideas.

Why did you chose to go into New Media?
Honestly, i chose to go into new media because i came to iupui as the only physics major in 8 years. I love physics, but the other requirements of the program were too much for me. I can't afford to take chemestry over and over again because i'll never understand it. shoot, give me all of the calculus, and mechanics you want me to learn, and i'll give it back to you in a couple days, but when they're pulling facts out of the sky (facts that are disproven by physics only a few years later) and giving several different names to the same compound, it's just rediculous. Of course, i had a talent for physics, but my lack of skills in chemestry forced me to go into something else. I thought new media would be a nice area to go into becasue all the conseptual part of physics is still there. especially in animation and coloring. Yes coloring is a big part of physics. New Media is a great way for me to use both my love of science and my creative abilities together.

Who are you?
I am, Malarie Piercy. i'm the oldest of 3 girls in my home. I have 3 dogs, and about 400 fish (you can have a few if you want when they get big enough). i grew up in a bi-religious home being raised 1/2 catholic, and 1/2 pentecostal. Halloween was always interesting because my dad allowed it, but my mom did not, so it was always a surprise to see if we were going to be allowed to go or not. when harry potter came out, i wasn't allowed to read it, but i did anyway. it's kind of funny because i would read it in my room and i had to hide it like porn when my mom came in. I'm very tomboy, and this shows in my thought process as well as my obvious mannorisims and the way i dress. I think logically like a man, but sometimes my girlyness comes out and i'll cry for no reason. I'm a problem solver by nature. I like philosophy, and religious studies because i like to see what other people think. I also have a love hate relationship with the free thinkers club here on campus, because i love what they stand for, and i hate that they don't really stand for it. hypocrites piss me off. I am generally friendly with everyone, yet with some people, i feel a little awkward. I hate it when people find me attractive, but they wont' get to the point. just ask if i'm single already, so i can tell you all about my wonderful boyfriend, and how i think you're a unique individual, but you're not the one for me. I want to be a teacher so i can warp the minds of students. i like to use the term warp, because if i put their minds in a mold, then they'll all think alike.

How is this class impacting you and your approach to New Media?
well. i'm not quite sure yet.

Have you seen any changes in your approach to projects or how you think about New Media?
not as of yet. I don't really think that we've done a whole lot in this class yet that is too far or at all outside my box. i guess that's what happens when almost everything is already inside the box.

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SalmonGod said...

Thank you for the bit about personal belief. I'm not going to say anything corny like "all your dreams can come true," but I will say that there's no such thing as the real world. The human race has the power to move mountains. The world is very literally what we make it. So I cringe so terribly inside whenever I hear anybody citing shit about the "real world." Any person who believes in such a thing as the real world is either giving up, overwhelmed by someone else's delusion, or both.