Monday, May 21, 2007

Smell the color 9

so I think I've completely failed the senses assignment. I haven't bene able to go anywhere or do anything because work sucks.

so anyway... when i got up this morning, i felt really tired. this was of course due to staying up and playin roller coaster tycoon until 4 am this morning, and then having to get up at 8:00 to get to class at 9:00. I physically felt tired and my eyes were itchy and encrusted with sleep. my back hurt, and still does. i was full of anger which usually makes my ears hot and my whole body hurt because i'm trying to hold in my feelings to keep from getting into it with my mom because she came in at the last minute and told me that i had to clean the bathroom before i left this morning. and i'm antsy still anticipating the shit i'm going to hear from her when i get home because i probably forgot to put the tootbrushes back in the exact right place, or perhaps i threw out a fresh razor. "wasting too much money" well don't leave your shit laying around and not expect me to throw it away. after all that, i finally got to scrape that ill tasting fuzzy shit off of my teeth and tongue. which brings a sense of cleanliness and freshness. at least something good came of the morning. Then i went back to my room and put on my pants that i just got back frim my friend who patched up the holes with her cool skull bandana. the knot is in the middle of one of the heads and it looks like a hairy mole. it's funny. this brings me joy :) however, it is quite dificult to cram my huge ass into my pants because my ass is ever growing despite the effort that i put into it. my pants are way tight, and i didn't buy them that way. I feed my fish. they recently had babies, to i have countless fry swimming around in my 10 galon aquarium. they have recently lost their yolk sacks, and are growing very faint little fins. they're so cute. I'll probably sell them to a pet store or something. perhaps i'll give them away to my frineds. I can't have 50 or more betas, they'll fight eachother. i hope most of them are female though, so i can keep them. the felames don't fight. But i wont' be able to tell for another couple of weeks.

Look at that awesome tangent.

If anyone wants a fish, i'll give you one for 2$ 1/2 the price of the petstores.

Also, i've had this song stuck in my head ever since we were assigned this assignment. It is called smell the color nine, by Chris Rice. it's kind of a neat song.

Well.. i'm out..

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spyroterra said...

You most certainly did not fail this assignment! :-)