Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Eggy van Halan's Rise to Stardom

This story starts off like any other story of an egg. He was born from a chicken. Then he was sent to a grocery store, where he was bought and given to a class, and then left in the refridgerator for about a week. But when he was let out of the fridge, he tried to live to his full potential.

He was selected to act in a drug free commercial.

He even did small bits in other commercials.

He did very well and started his own band. This is when he decided to change his name to Eggy van Halen, and he rose to stardum almost overnight.

Eggy was very popular and landed a few gigs in some low budget, yet great plot horror films.

Eggy was rolling in cash, almost literally. He had everything he ever wanted. Eggy was the top cat in town.

He was the life of the party. Of course, they were only using him for his money, but he realy felt like he belonged. For the first time in his life, he was somewhere warm. Not like the cold refridgerated home where he grew up.

But these circumstances often lead to other things...

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Demetrius said...

That is AMAZING! I want an autograph.