Monday, June 4, 2007

What if...

1. zombies realy happened?
2. animals could speak, but they just couldn't speak to you?
3. toys came to life when you were away just to play amongst themselves?
4. the chicken came before the egg?
5. the egg came before the chicken?
6. squirrels wore makeup?
7. rocks had consciousness?
8. plants could feel things?
9. jury duty were voluntary?
10. my dreams realy did come true?
11. i just give up?
12. it rained when i was sad?
13. i was realy someone else?
14. humans weren't the top of the food chain?
15. aliens came and enslaved humankind?
16. no one bought gasoline for a week?
17. drive in movie theaters came back in style?
18. the beetles got back together?
19. we made our own fuel?
20. i swim every day?
21. i started riding my bike to school?
22. the grass was greener on the other side?
23. i take those shoes that i only wore once back to the store?
24. i could see the future?
25. this post didn't erase the first time i wrote it?
26. i knew the meaning of life?
27. i realy was as funny as i think i am?
28. the 80's came back in style... again?
29. we are on the verge of something truly great?
30. we are in the Matrix?
31. i were given the choice of the red or blue pill?
32. the people we discovered in random images realy had lives?
33. magic was real?
34. the characters we create are real people with real lives?
35. people with mental disorders are actually the next step in evolution?
36. we were allowed to kill people who deserve it?
37. we gave lisences only to people who show necessary skills to drive?
38. we could live on only good morals and great philosophy?
39. John Titor realy is from the future?
40. animals didn't shed so much?
41. everything could reproduce asexually?
42. everything was 15% healthier than it really is?
43. we went back to the bartyr system?
44. we innately knew everything we needed to know?
45. i had more money?
46. girls and women were more easily distinguishable?
47. people would just stop being stupid?
48. i were the ultimate guitar hero?
49. Canadians quacked?
50. all the rules were broken?

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