Monday, May 14, 2007

Eggy van Halan. Part 2

Eggy van Halan was at the peak of his existance. And from there, it all went down hill.

Eggy, despite his past in anti-drug commercials, started using cocaine heavily.

He spent all his money on drugs and hookers.

When he finally ran out of money, he did the unthinkable and robbed people at gunpoint. He had a realy big gun.

It was about this time, that he realized that he was not only hurting himself, he was hurting other people. He used the money he got from robbing people to commit himself to rehab. They fixed him right up.

After 6 months in rehab, he was released by hopeful doctors. They realy believed he had made a full recovery. Eggy decided to use his newly found life to go scuba diving and relax for a while.

Everything was going well for Eggy. He was finally back on track. That's why it was a big shock to everyone when they found his body in a dark alley 4 months later.


Demetrius said...

Aww, I was really pulling for him.

Midnight Passion said...

Hey, this is Nick n Jeff by the way. You my dear most def had me crying!! ;-D