Wednesday, June 13, 2007

3 Hours of FUN!

Well we had our wonderful 3 hours of fun assignment. And where I would have loved to have spent the 3 hours with my boyfriend, sadly he was working, so I opted for the next best thing... My best friend! Yay! So basically, I went up to Westfield and hung out with my friend/brother, Kevin. I helped him find pictures for his collage that he is working on, and we went out to dinner. He won a bet with one of his co-workers, so he gets free meals for the whole week. Sadly the manager on shift wasn't keen on letting us both have free food, so we just got the biggest thing on the menu and split it. Our waitress was pretty awesome, because she basically brought out two of everything anyway. Then we went back to his house and played some video games. He got a new X-box a few days ago, and we played Dead Rising, which is absolutely awesome! And I've been having a terrible craving to play Final Fantasy 7, and I can't find my copy, so we played his for a little while. Tons of FUN!

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